Awesome coaching

Book a personal session to activate more of your own awesomeness.
Of course everyone is welcome to dive in some aspects of life.
Nevertheless I've listed some topics where I can help you with.

Burn/bore out

How you can enjoy this time off from your life and plant new seeds to a different future. A future you do enjoy and gives you a reason to wake up in the morning.
I’ve experienced it myself: a burn/bore out. And despite it being a very challenging time, I look back at it with feelings of awesomeness and I can recommend it to anyone.

High sensitive men

How you can feel and experience that you are enough and awesome just as you are.
That you are man enough, even when you are already able to connect with your feelings.
Connect with your purpose your inner feeling and feel a balance that helps you find a deeper level in your life.

Spiritual seekers

How you can raise your vibration and awareness. Let’s tune in and let it flow in a one on one session with me.
We’ll create a safe place where everything is allowed. Literally everything can be discussed or brought up to the surface. (yes, that includes aliens, a world with no time or whatsoever).

“You do not have to like my lifestyle that I’m showing to you. But I hope it makes you stop and ask a few questions”

Stijn Heymans – Awesomist

Where you can find me

On- or offline?

Both are possible: an online session through skype or you are more than welcome at my place in Belgium – Mechelen.

Sessions can be in both Dutch or English

It actually doesn’t matter if we see each other in real life or not. We can create that sacred space when we’re in the same room or hundred miles away from each other. Every single time the connection is made energetically.

Coaching packages

DIY Coaching – €47

Having trouble in finding your way to live the most awesome version of your life? Help yourself with my tips and tricks,

  • Online course – unlimited access


  • Free unlimited access to my online course “Make everything awesome” (€47).
  • One follow up session to dive deeper into what’s blocking you from creating the life you want.


  • Free access to my online course “Make everything awesome” (€47).
  • Three follow up sessions to dive deeper into what’s blocking you from creating the life you want.