What you're missing out on

in a not so awesome life

No clear vision

You have no clue where you're heading towards on the long run. What are you actually doing?

Unconscious manifestations

Everything just ``happens`` to you and you have no clue why.

No dreaming big

You can't dream big, since you think that it's 'just not for you'. You settle for mediocre.

Feel stuck

You feel that you want change, but you aren't changing a thing.

How Can I Help You?

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Having trouble in finding your way to live the most awesome version of your life? Well, I’ve designed a roadmap for you!



Everything about awesomeness: How can you start living an awesome life!?
Be Awesome, Awesome Food, Awesome Work, Awesome Relationships…

Get inspired and learn tips and tricks!

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Want to create some awesomeness and need some help?
I am SO ready to help you with that.

Let’s create as much awesomeness as possible together!



Do you want some help to discover your own level of awesomeness? Everyone is awesome, but sometimes it’s hard to see it for yourself.

So let’s find out how you can reactivate your awesomeness.

Make life Awesome!

About me

After 26 years, I’ve discovered that there’s much more than living in automatic pilot mode. Choosing 100% what I want to do. No limitations, fearless, no ego, … Live MY 100% awesome life.

Some people realize this when they’re 25, 35, 40, 50, 60, … years old, and that’s fine too! By re-evaluating everything in my own life and learned to be 100% myself, I discovered a passion within myself to share this insights with more and more people to let them know how awesome it feels to be 100% themselves.

My vision is that no one needs to go look for their awesome selves after x-years of life experience. I want that while we are growing older, we already know who we are and that we use our supernatural powers all the time! Just be the most awesome version of yourself. All the time. From day 1 of our existence.

This is why I want to do awesome stuff for both adults and children to make a difference! Inspire by giving lectures, workshops or just by being me! Coaching for adults to explain and let them discover how to be the most awesome version of themselves. For kids I want to giving them a confidence boost so they can trust that they really are as awesome as they feel they are. We, as adults, can learn so much of them!

This is the reason why I started the awesomists project!

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